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Archive for: September 2012

[30/09/12] Mid-Autumn Festival Mini Doll Meet

Had a mini doll meet with Michelle’s girls to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival,which also known as the Mooncake Festival.

The other purpose for this doll meet is to do some “minor operations” for the girls. However in this post,we would only concentrate on the Doll Meet portion,the minor operations would be moved to another individual post.

Back to the Doll Meet….

First time meeting each other,both Saber girls took some close-up shots at the balcony.

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[28/09/12] The arrival of another parcel

Its a sunny afternoon today.
The girls were playing in the bedroom when the delivery man came to deliver a parcel containing some items from Volks.
I signed for the parcel and left it on the day bed and went to the kitchen to prepare some food….

The girls came out from the bedroom and saw the big parcel lying on the day bed…

Neris : Hmm….a parcel just arrived again??
Hana : This is quite a big box,i wondered if it contains those stuffs that we bought from online recently?
Saber : Hana,can’t you see that invoice issued on the parcel?? Its from Volks!

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My 4th daughter – Akira

Finally brought my Akira today. I’ve been “eyeing” her for a long time she is also the current doll which is on my wishlist that is still able to afford, whereas others are “too hard to be reached”, unless I’m very rich. And the best part is, after buying her, I guess i will have to save and scrap for the next coming 1-2 months. LOL….

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[23/09/12] My first DDIII ~ Saber Alter

Today,i would like to “officially” introduce my 4th daughter Saber Alter to everyone. As it was late evening when i received her,the previous set of pictures did not turn out well. I re-take some pictures of her again this afternoon. The pictures turn out much better than the previous time,thus brightness and colors editing are not required.

Saber Alter,my 4th girl … She is the only one with DD body III among my four girls.

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[22/09/12] New wedding gown for my girls.

It was a sunny day today and I’ve decided to let my girls wear their wedding gowns and take some pictures of them with the help of the bright sunlight.

First to be featured is my Saber. She is wearing the wedding gown launched by Volks recently. This gown also comes in light blue color. However I still preferred the pure white color set.

May I ask you where is my ring? LOL….

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[17/09/12] The Grand Opening Box Ceremony

Finally got it for such a long waiting.

Remembered getting “this” from Yahoo Japan on the 17 July,and today is 17 September,its exactly two months….
Here she comes….

And the story goes….

Neris : Hey Hana….look at this
Hana : Why is there a huge parcel here? I wondered what is inside?

Neris : Could it be those clothing and accessories we bought from taobao recently?
Hana : Hmm,i don’t think those items would arrive so soon,and clothing are not “fragile”….

Neris : Lets open it and see….
Hana : Ok….I am pretty excited to see what is inside,but would mummy scold us for not asking her permission before opening it?
Neris : I think she deliberately left it here for us.

Then the two girls opened the huge box….

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