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4 May 2013 – Yuki meets Neris

It has been a couple of months since we have last updated this blog.
We have been busy with the making of some doll outfits…and partially,due to the hot weather,we have postponed a couple of shootings.

Today we were at Pan Pacific Hotel for a lunch buffet.
Knowing that there is a beautiful Japanese style garden in the hotel,we decided to bring the DD girls along for a short photo shooting session. We had brought our Blythe dolls there for photo shoot before,unfortuantely the Blythe pictures turned out badly. We shall try again today….


Our models for today are : Michelle’s Neris and a new girl whom arrived on my birthday to join the family. She is my 6th girl,Yuki Morikawa. Its her first outing with me.

今天的兩位“模特兒”是。。。。。Michelle的二女兒Neris,而另一位是第一次出現在部落格的新面孔 ~ 我家的“六妹 - Yuki Morikawa”

正式給大家介紹,我家的“六妹 Yuki”

Today’s lunch buffet

Before we proceed with more pictures of the girls,here’s a little introduction about today’s buffet.

Its our first visit,and we quite like the atmosphere in the restaurant.

They have a wide range of food and beverages. From Japanese Cuisine to Italian Cuisine to Chinese Cuisine to Indian Cuisine….there is also a huge salad bar(serving cold cuts,smoked salmon,cheese etc.),dessert bar and drinks bar.

Besides fresh oysters,fresh scallops,fresh prawns,sashimi,sushi,vegetable tempura,steamed egg,pizza,soups,steak,ham,chinese dim-sum,indian curry and so on,they also served some local food like laksa and Bah Kut Teh(pork ribs soup).
Here are some pics of the food ~



以下的幾張照片是當中的一些美食 ~

Looking at such a wide range of food,Yuki and Neris are extremely excited. They wanted to try almost every dishes.
After such a filling lunch,they decided to take a walk at the Japanese garden.

Neris brought her camera along to take some pictures of the ancient horse carriage.



After taking a couple of pictures on the horse carriage,we proceeded to the outdoor garden.
The sky was quite cloudy after the heavy rain.


There are a lot of fishes in the pond. However they swam away very quickly whenever we tried to go nearer to take pictures,thus we could only capture the view of them from a distance away.


There is a little Japanese style pavilion beside the pond.
We should dressed the girls in kimono during our next visit to the hotel to take more pictures.


(Picture Below) From the garden,we could see other hotels around the area,as well as the Singapore Flyers although it appeared to be very tiny in the following picture ~ LOL


Some of the friends say Yuki and Neris look like sisters,especially Neris with dark color eyes. Do you think they look quite alike?

Back into the hotel to take a few more pictures.

Here is a view of the nicely renovated cozy lounge at the hotel lobby from the 4th floor of the hotel.


Before leaving the hotel to proceed with our shopping plans,Yuki and Neris took a last photo together in the hotel…

在離開之前,在酒店內再拍一張合照 ~ Yuki和Neris到此一遊

One comment on “4 May 2013 – Yuki meets Neris

  1. Jason Chan says:

    I finally gets to see your “birthday present”(referring to DD Yuki) after waiting for almost a month.
    She is a beauty

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