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Hong Kong Dollism Plus 9 (HKDP9) – Our Booth

The Bly Couture 進軍香港啦!今年第一次到香港的HKDP9參展。2天的DP, 我們選擇了參與第一天,19日那場。



The Bly Couture has made its first display and sale booth at Hong Kong Dollism Plus 9 (HKDP9) this year. We have chosen to attend the first day of the event, on the 19 of July 2014.

We had 5 sets of DD & 1 set of blythe gowns for display for that day. Initially we had planned to do 8 sets of DD gowns, but due to tight schedules, we only managed to complete only 5 sets. We will like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited our booth and to all the buyers who have purchased our work. Thank you for liking our designs. We will definitely work harder to produce more doll outfits in the near future.


每一件婚紗的設計和搭配都是獨一無二(ONE-OFF)的。而由於婚紗是純手工縫制,所以在制作上都有它一定的難度和挑戰。 夜夜,Lily和Saber的裙子是屬於第一類別的華麗大裙擺。Yuki的婚紗是屬於華麗中裙擺,而Sakuya的則是屬於華麗小裙擺。


Collectors might wonder what is so special about our gowns? The unique selling point of our gowns lies on the diameter of the skirts. The bigger it is, the more grand the gowns will be. All our gowns are one-off designs and fully hand-sewn.

The skirts are generally classified into 3 categories namely:
(1) Grand Princess gown skirt,
(2) Grand Ball gown skirt
(3) Classic gown skirt.

The gowns that Yaya, Lily & Saber are wearing belongs to the Grand Princess gown skirt category. Yuki’s gown is the Grand Ball gown skirt design and Sakuya’s gown is the Classic Gown Skirt design.

Yuki dressed in pink & white Grand Ball gown skirt. / Yuki身穿粉白色華麗中裙擺婚紗。

Lily dressed in blue & white color Grand Princess gown skirt. / 莉莉身穿藍白色華麗大裙擺婚紗。

Saber dressed in white color Grand Princess gown skirt. / Saber身穿白色華麗大裙擺婚紗。

Sakuya dressed in white color Classic gown skirt. / Sakuya身穿白色小裙擺設計的婚紗。

Yaya dressed in black & white color Grand Princess gown skirt. / 夜夜身穿黑白色華麗大裙擺的婚紗。

Customised Blythe dressed in our handmade gown. / 小布身穿我們制作的婚紗。

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