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Japan Trip – Visit to Volks Osaka & Tokyo

Beside attending Dolpa, we also went to Volks outlet located in Osaka and  Tokyo. At Osaks Volks, we are only allowed to take photos at their designated photo booth, so we brought our girls for a photo shoot.

Tamaki is well loved by the animals in the forest!

* Click on the thumbnail to view larger resolution.
* 大家可點擊圖片觀賞更大的像素的照片。



Sasara also joins in the fun with Tamaki.
Sasara 和環環一起拍照啦!



Here comes the super idol Tamaki!


Sasara is having her desserts to cool down as the weather is so hot.
Sasara 正在享用甜品解暑。

At the later part of the trip where we move on to Tokyo, we also made a trip to Tokyo Volks located at Akihabara. And here we are! Volks located at Doll point, on the 8th floor !

This is the family tree of Dollfie Dream. So which one do you own?
這個是Dollfie Dream 的總圖,不知道大家擁有哪些娃呢?

These are the photo booth at Volks Akihabara.


These are the D’Coord dollfie dreams that was on display at Volks Akihabara outlet.



Mariko is not for sale as she is only acting as a model for the hair wig.

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