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Category: Sewing

Hong Kong Dollism Plus 9 (HKDP9) – Our Booth

The Bly Couture 進軍香港啦!今年第一次到香港的HKDP9參展。2天的DP, 我們選擇了參與第一天,19日那場。



The Bly Couture has made its first display and sale booth at Hong Kong Dollism Plus 9 (HKDP9) this year. We have chosen to attend the first day of the event, on the 19 of July 2014.

We had 5 sets of DD & 1 set of blythe gowns for display for that day. Initially we had planned to do 8 sets of DD gowns, but due to tight schedules, we only managed to complete only 5 sets. We will like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited our booth and to all the buyers who have purchased our work. Thank you for liking our designs. We will definitely work harder to produce more doll outfits in the near future.

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Upcoming plans for our handmade gowns

Before we start,lets do a short introduction about our four beautiful models.

Starting with Saber Alter,my 4th girl and my youngest girl Yuki Morikawa,the 6th girl in my doll family.
As for Michelle’s side,she brought her 7th girl,also Yuki Morikawa and her newest girl Sakuya who just joined her family a day before the photo shoot.

The wedding gowns that they wore in the following pictures are our main topic of this post.

她們是我家的四妹Saber Alter,六妹Yuki Morikawa以及Michelle家的七妹Yuki Morikawa和最小的八妹Sakuya。

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[Handmade] Preview of my new project

This is my new “project” which is also the cause of my “SLOW” blog updates…LOL
I was fully engrossed in the sewing of this new dress since i returned from my HongKong trip.
A little preview of my new creation….the top is not ready,while the skirt is about 90% completed,it could faster however due to some problem with the laces,i had to re-order another batch of lace which would delay the progress for about two weeks.
I hope i could complete it in time for the photo shoot in early September.




[Handmade] First wedding gown for DD

Preview of my newly made wedding gown for DD Hana. After spending a couple of weeks on the sewing,finally managed to complete about 50% of the gown. Hopefully the final design would look good after completing the gloves,veil and other accessories.

以往都是為小布製作婚紗晚裝,第一次挑戰三分的尺寸為Dollfie Dream縫製婚紗,製作了幾個星期,目前完成了一半左右,還有頭紗,手套之類的配件未完成,希望整體的效果會不錯。