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Japan Trip – Visit to Volks Osaka & Tokyo

Beside attending Dolpa, we also went to Volks outlet located in Osaka and  Tokyo. At Osaks Volks, we are only allowed to take photos at their designated photo booth, so we brought our girls for a photo shoot.

Tamaki is well loved by the animals in the forest!

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* 大家可點擊圖片觀賞更大的像素的照片。


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My 8th Daughter – Sakuya Mode: Crimson

After very very much consideration, I have finally brought my 8th daughter Sakuya Mode Crimson. Pray and hope everything will be fine and well.

My new personal blog is up!

Firstly,i would like to welcome all my dear friends,as well as new friends to my new “personal” blog…..My “i-Melody’s Doll Story”. Finally i could “fully owned” a blog under the hosting and the domain. I have been using a couple of free blog services during the past years,the ads and downtime for some free services could be rather irritating at times.

However, my blog is currently sharing this huge hosting space(but not very high bandwidth :-? ) with my two other huge discussion forums, thus it might still experience down time during peak hours. :P

It still very new and empty. I am still trying to get used to the blog functions,adding new stuffs bit by bit,hope to be able to get everything up as soon as i can…..thus….

“Blog Renovation” in progress….please come back soon for updates.