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Category: DD Wishlist

DDS Melty from Shining Hearts

DDS Melty from Shining Hearts is coming out soon!
Came across a picture of her in volks blog,she looks pretty adorable in that outfit and huge hat.

Comparing her with Neris and Sakuya whom were also characters of Shining Hearts,they seem to share some similarities. From the picture below,her smile looks quite like Neris while her eyes looks like Sakuya. They look like three sisters…how i wish i have the three of them…hmm…should i participate in the upcoming lottery?Have not tried the online lottery before,hope i would be lucky enough to win her.

又被這個新DDS Melty妹妹電到了!

Source of pictures : http://www.volks.co.jp/ and http://ameblo.jp/blog-dd/

In love with Ms Mariko

This is the girl…..Other than Yuki and Saber Lily,she is the other one on the Top 3 of my DD wish list all these while.

I missed the lottery for her because at that period of time,my concentration was not very much on DD. At that point of time,even Mia(Yukino) was left on the table,untouched for a couple of weeks or perhaps months. When i came realized that Mariko is extremely adorable,it was too late…the prices on japan auctions already raised rapidly.

I am almost in the mist of giving up until i saw someone selling her at 50k yen yesterday. Its was a second-hand doll,and without a complete set of accessories,her wig is also missing,but i was still keen to try my luck to see if she could be mine. However after calculating the expensive agent fees and double shipment costs,i started to hesitate,especially not knowing how much would the auction end,if its going to end 80k yen like the recent few auctions,the agent fee is going to cost a big bomb….

Not able to decide,i surfed around other sites hoping to find something else. In the end i came across one more on Mandarake Nakano shop. That one comes with a complete set,and condition looks quite perfect. I started to love her more and more when i stared at those pictures….her adorable expression,innocent eyes….oh no,i am getting very desperate to adopt her….

I thought Saber Alter was suppose to be the last for the time being….for at least this year,but i just could not resist….

I know i am being silly….every time i decided to close my eyes,i would start to think of her,in the end,i could hardly sleep last night. I know i needed to get over this soon or i could not have put full concentration on my doll clothes design and sewing.





當時接了四妹Saber Alter,不是已經決定要“收手”了嗎?我的定力怎麼那麼差勁呀??