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Tag: My New DD Girls

My 8th Daughter – Sakuya Mode: Crimson

After very very much consideration, I have finally brought my 8th daughter Sakuya Mode Crimson. Pray and hope everything will be fine and well.

4 May 2013 – Yuki meets Neris

It has been a couple of months since we have last updated this blog.
We have been busy with the making of some doll outfits…and partially,due to the hot weather,we have postponed a couple of shootings.

Today we were at Pan Pacific Hotel for a lunch buffet.
Knowing that there is a beautiful Japanese style garden in the hotel,we decided to bring the DD girls along for a short photo shooting session. We had brought our Blythe dolls there for photo shoot before,unfortuantely the Blythe pictures turned out badly. We shall try again today….


Our models for today are : Michelle’s Neris and a new girl whom arrived on my birthday to join the family. She is my 6th girl,Yuki Morikawa. Its her first outing with me.

今天的兩位“模特兒”是。。。。。Michelle的二女兒Neris,而另一位是第一次出現在部落格的新面孔 ~ 我家的“六妹 - Yuki Morikawa”

正式給大家介紹,我家的“六妹 Yuki”

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Happy “Snake” Year

I was supposed to complete this blog post last week,however i delayed again and again because i was busy making a new doll wedding gown.
Till today,the last day of Chinese New Year celebration,i know i have got to get it done.
I have consolidated all pictures taken during different days of CNY into one post.


My ancient beauty, Hana would like to wish everyone a very Happy “Snake” Year!

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Let’s welcome our new sister!

English Summary:
I was browsing through the internet one fine day and guess what? I found a very good offer of a DD and I’ve decided to adopt her. She was one of my wish list girl and I’m definitely very happy that she can be part of my collection. She could have been my 4th daughter previously but I choose Akira instead at that point of time. I was contemplating very hard whether to get her or not when I saw the offer. And after some thoughts, I’ve decided to get her.

And there, she has arrived! She was suppose to reach at least 1-2 days earlier. But due to some changes to the delivery schedule, she arrived on 14 Jan 2013. Her sisters are very eager to see how she looks like and waiting to greet her.

Neris: 今天收到一個新的包裹,我們又有新妹妹啦!真是“傷腦筋”啊。
Akira: 嗯,不知道會是誰?真期待啊!
Saber: 叫媽咪快快打開來看就知道啦!

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Mariko and Akira’s first Christmas

We will like to introduce our two “reporters” for today’s post.
Akira (following picture -left) and Mariko (following picture – right),they would be taking over the writing of this blog post from now….

Our First Christmas

It is our very first Christmas in Singapore with our DD family,thus it is extremely special for the both of us. However we do not have the beautiful Christmas tree and decorations display at home for this year,so we decided to go down town for some photo shoot.

Mummy brought us to Orchard Road for Christmas shopping last weekend,so we brought our camera along to take some pictures.

It was a rainy day so all the pictures were taken indoor…..Sadly,the pictures of us with those huge Christmas trees did not turn out good,but one of the view of the tree does turn out pretty well. This large Christmas tree is four-storey tall. This shopping mall(Ngee Ann City) would put up this huge tree with different decorations and lightings at the same spot yearly during December. We were at the second storey of the mall when this picture was taken.

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[02/10/12] Arrival of my 4th daughter, Akira

When mummy comes home from work today, the 3 girls were holding a big box from DHL which arrived this afternoon. The girls has been wondering what is in the box and has been talking about it since afternoon. Finally when Mummy comes home, they are all ready to help Mummy with the unpacking……

Mummy, Mummy! U got a parcel today!!!! See.

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