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Category: 心情雜記

A lot to catch up….

Just came back from HongKong last night ~ our 5 days trip has came to an end.

Past few months were extremely busy period for us,thus the blog updates had also been slowed down.
Now,as the Hongkong Dollism Plus 8(HKDP8) two-days event is over,its time for us to “catch-up” with all the blog posts.

There were tons of pictures waiting to be edited….pictures of Universal Studios Singapore and Sea Aquarium that we took last month and almost a thousand of pictures taken in HongKong. I guess these would keep us busy for the next couple of days.

昨晚剛剛從香港回返新加坡 。。。 旅行結束了,又是“開工”的時候了!

前幾個月一直很忙,因此拖慢了更新網誌的進度,現在隨著香港Dollism Plus 8(HKDP8)的結束,也是時候把之前漏掉的網誌填補回來了。