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[Handmade] First wedding gown for DD

Preview of my newly made wedding gown for DD Hana. After spending a couple of weeks on the sewing,finally managed to complete about 50% of the gown. Hopefully the final design would look good after completing the gloves,veil and other accessories.

以往都是為小布製作婚紗晚裝,第一次挑戰三分的尺寸為Dollfie Dream縫製婚紗,製作了幾個星期,目前完成了一半左右,還有頭紗,手套之類的配件未完成,希望整體的效果會不錯。

3 comments on “[Handmade] First wedding gown for DD

  1. Xue says:

    This is awesome!
    I would love to see more pics of your new handmade gown,especially shots of your girl in standing position,must be very long and nice.

  2. Yu Chann says:

    Nice work Fiona nee-san. Yu Chann want…. but dont want get married XD

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