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Neris got promoted…..

Lets see…..

What are Neris-chan and Hana-chan doing now in front of their lap-top?
Oops,looks like they are busy with their online shopping again …

Chinese Summary :
今天做了一個全新嘗試,就是為Neris換上今天下午剛送到的L size胸部。

This post is not really about their online shopping,although they did receive a lot of new clothes and accessories these two months….ever since the day we started shopping on taobao

Just received the L shapely bust and DDS body frame from Volks today, the wig and the outfit came from other two earlier separate shipments which i shared with some friends.

New outfit,wig and doll parts from Volks for my girls

Got the L shapely bust specially for Neris.
She is officially “promoted” from M to L today.
Since Saber Alter 2 is a DDIII M bust,i decided to change Neris to L so that she could share the L/DY clothes with Hana.
Moreover,L size is a perfect model for my hand-made wedding gowns,from now i’ll have two beautiful daughters as my models.

I hope these close up shots did not “affect” some of my dear friends and blog visitors.

Took about half an hour to change the chest….
Removing both arms,then the head…..some twisting and pulling of the chest piece which took quite a while.
(I should have taken pictures of the procedures…well,next time,since i still need to repair Hana’s body soon, her neck part spring has loosen,i need to replace a new neck joint from Coolcat.)

It is my first time removing these joint/parts from a DD,was quite worried that i might break her waist frame if i were to use too much strength. Fortunately i managed to complete the task without breaking any parts.

Putting the new chest and the arms back are much easier than removing them,took less than 5 minutes.

Presenting my two L bust Dollfie Dream girls ~ Neris & Hana

Taken with camera flash light,looks as if they were using the lap-top in the dark.

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