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Archive for: September 29th, 2012

[28/09/12] The arrival of another parcel

Its a sunny afternoon today.
The girls were playing in the bedroom when the delivery man came to deliver a parcel containing some items from Volks.
I signed for the parcel and left it on the day bed and went to the kitchen to prepare some food….

The girls came out from the bedroom and saw the big parcel lying on the day bed…

Neris : Hmm….a parcel just arrived again??
Hana : This is quite a big box,i wondered if it contains those stuffs that we bought from online recently?
Saber : Hana,can’t you see that invoice issued on the parcel?? Its from Volks!

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My 4th daughter – Akira

Finally brought my Akira today. I’ve been “eyeing” her for a long time she is also the current doll which is on my wishlist that is still able to afford, whereas others are “too hard to be reached”, unless I’m very rich. And the best part is, after buying her, I guess i will have to save and scrap for the next coming 1-2 months. LOL….

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