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Dolpa Osaka 9

Event / 活動 : Dolpa Osaka 9
Date / 日期 : 06 August 2017
Time / 時間 : 11.30am
Venue / 地點 : Intex Osaka

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This is the first time that we are attending a doll event in Japan. We were lucky that we managed to buy the X-Pass from Volks website for this doll show, and due to the extreme hot weather in Osaka this time round, Volks has decided to let X-Pass holders entered the venue slightly earlier than the anticipated time.

These are some photos of the Volks photo booth background. One can use their photo booth to take pictures of their dolls by paying a fee of ¥1500 per background for a 30 minutes slot.

This whole row of SD dolls each has a numbers and price allocated to it. I’m not really sure how the lottery works but my guess is if there is any doll that caught your liking, you can try to lottery for it. Once the number of bidder reaches its maximum, they will close the lottery and a winner will be picked from it.

As we were queuing and is nearer to the event starting time, Mr Hideyuki Shigeta personally distributed out the snacks goodie bag for all the X-Pass holders.
在排隊等待的當兒,V社社長Hideyuki Shigeta也親自給排隊的每一位X-Pass持有者派送一個小零食包。

Once we entered the venue, we went around to take a look at the dealer’s booth.

These are Volks dolls on display.

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