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Archive for: September 17th, 2012

[17/09/12] The Grand Opening Box Ceremony

Finally got it for such a long waiting.

Remembered getting “this” from Yahoo Japan on the 17 July,and today is 17 September,its exactly two months….
Here she comes….

And the story goes….

Neris : Hey Hana….look at this
Hana : Why is there a huge parcel here? I wondered what is inside?

Neris : Could it be those clothing and accessories we bought from taobao recently?
Hana : Hmm,i don’t think those items would arrive so soon,and clothing are not “fragile”….

Neris : Lets open it and see….
Hana : Ok….I am pretty excited to see what is inside,but would mummy scold us for not asking her permission before opening it?
Neris : I think she deliberately left it here for us.

Then the two girls opened the huge box….

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[16/09/12] Surprise Delivery

The 2 girls were chatting in the living room on a bright sunday afternoon when they heard someone pressing the door bell.

**Ding Dong. Ding Dong**

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