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[16/09/12] Surprise Delivery

The 2 girls were chatting in the living room on a bright sunday afternoon when they heard someone pressing the door bell.

**Ding Dong. Ding Dong**

And to their surprise, it is a delivery!

Neris: Oh my! Is our new sister! She has arrived to our family! Wonder who is she?
Saber: Cool. Another one. Let’s help her out.

Neris: Now i know who she is. 朝倉音夢.
Saber: Oh is her. She always sleeps. I call her “DD Sleeping Beauty” : P

After spending some time helping the new girl out, and giving her a quick wipe, she is finally ready to meet her 2 sisters. I brought her at a reasonable price recently. In fact I brought her with the aim of using her body for my Yukino, cos Yukino’s body was being “conquered” by Neris after i brought Neris head. : P

With the arrival of this new body, finally my Yukino can have her body back and she can finally be herself again! She is currently wearing the new wig which i have brought for her when I went to Hong Kong for DP7 this year. As for Neris, she is wearing the new clothes which i brought in DP7.

After a round of dolling & styling, my 3 precious girls are now ready to say “hi” to all! ^_^

4 comments on “[16/09/12] Surprise Delivery

  1. Xue says:

    You just bought her body or you bought the whole doll?

    • Wen Bin, Michelle says:

      Oh, i brought the full doll. The condition was stated as new and the price reasonable, so i brought her with the mindset of using her body first . As for her head, it will be kept until I have a good solution of what to do with her head……lol…

  2. Xue says:

    Oh,i thought you bought the body only because i did not see the head in the picture.
    DD is a very lovely doll,i think i might buy one someday…..when there is stock.
    Everything seems to be out of stock in Volks website.

    • you have got to be fast while purchasing from Volks. Immediately they restocked,we’ll have to quickly add to cart. But if you are talking about limited edition dolls,you have got to join the lottery.

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