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Archive for: September 23rd, 2012

[23/09/12] My first DDIII ~ Saber Alter

Today,i would like to “officially” introduce my 4th daughter Saber Alter to everyone. As it was late evening when i received her,the previous set of pictures did not turn out well. I re-take some pictures of her again this afternoon. The pictures turn out much better than the previous time,thus brightness and colors editing are not required.

Saber Alter,my 4th girl … She is the only one with DD body III among my four girls.

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[22/09/12] New wedding gown for my girls.

It was a sunny day today and I’ve decided to let my girls wear their wedding gowns and take some pictures of them with the help of the bright sunlight.

First to be featured is my Saber. She is wearing the wedding gown launched by Volks recently. This gown also comes in light blue color. However I still preferred the pure white color set.

May I ask you where is my ring? LOL….

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