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[23/09/12] My first DDIII ~ Saber Alter

Today,i would like to “officially” introduce my 4th daughter Saber Alter to everyone. As it was late evening when i received her,the previous set of pictures did not turn out well. I re-take some pictures of her again this afternoon. The pictures turn out much better than the previous time,thus brightness and colors editing are not required.

Saber Alter,my 4th girl … She is the only one with DD body III among my four girls.

Its well-known that body III crack easily. Thus I have been extra careful while moving her limbs and body and tried not to change her pose too often,hopefully these could prevent the parts from cracking. I know i have got to learn to handle body III gently since i would have the second body III in near future. Recently,i am getting body III parts to build a body for Hana so that she and Mia no longer needed to share one body.

I have been trying to look for a body II on auction sites for months,however even stained ones are over-priced while prices of body III are much higher. I guess its mainly because there is a high demand for DD bodies since Volks has not been restocking body II for a long long time. My only choice to buy the parts and build one on my own. However i did not buy those parts immediately when they first launch on their online store,thus some were already out of stock when i decided to buy them.

I bought the internal frame,waist and bust parts earlier. And yesterday,finally they restocked DD III arms and shins after weeks of waiting,so i “grabbed” them immediately. But the new body is still “crippled” without the thighs and feet,hope Volks could restocked them soon…

正式給大家介紹,我家的新成員Saber Alter妹妹

今天特別發表這篇,給大家正式介紹我家的四妹Saber Alter。
她也是四姊妹當中,唯一一位擁有Volks body III。

雖然知道這個新的body III有很多問題,但還是得要再“拼”一個。
因為三妹Hana目前是與大妹Mia共用一個body II,所以一直沒法讓她們兩位同時出現。
Volks又已經好久沒有body II賣了,拍賣網的價格也被炒到很高,就只好分開買配件自己拼一個了。
因此最近這一個多月來,我一直很努力在收集各種body III的配件。

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