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[Sentosa Adventure Part Three] Dollfie S.E.A. Aquarium

We had our lunch and move on to our next destination. We’re at the S.E.A. Aquarium. It is the world’s largest aquarium accredited by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™. The aquarium contains more than 800 species of marine animals, and the aquarium is home to majestic manta rays, enormous goliath grouper, napoleon wrasse, and other gentle giants of the sea. So now, lets embark on our journey!

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Before reaching the underground tunnels of the SEA Aquarium, vistors were welcome with the history of Maritime history. Let’s take some pics before we move on.
一入場, 我們就看到一些航海的歷史介紹。例如以前,各國如何利用航海來運貨,一些關於航海的儀式等。而且我們還看到歷史記載的挪亞方舟噢!

We’ve now entered the tunnel of the aquarium, and our official adventuress starts NOW!
PS: Please forgive us as the tunnels are not so well lit., therefore some photos might be a bit darker.
PS: 由於在隧道裡燈光不足,所以有些照片不是那麼的亮,請多包含。

And now we’re at the section called Ocean Journey. As you make your way further into the ocean, come face-to-face with our indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins. Learn the surprising facts about these speedy swimmers as they enthrall you with their underwater grace and prowess.

Nearby, immerse yourself in the magical and mesmerising world of synchronised fish! Few marine scenes are more intriguing and hypnotic than a school of fish swimming in unison. In an instant, the school changes direction with none of the fish colliding into one another.

Check out the cool marine life in the Cold Water habitats such as giant spider crab, chambered nautilus and other unique species. Recharge your energy with the electrifying pulsating dances of the translucent sea jelly species like the trailing long-tentacled lion’s mane sea jelly, the captivating neon blue sea jelly and the larger-than-life moon sea jelly.





We have reach the center of the attraction, known as Open Ocean. This magical realm is home to gentle giants of the sea including the leopard shark, goliath grouper, saw fish, mahi mahi and a never-before-seen squadron of magnificent manta rays. Watch poetry in motion as glittering schools of scads, fusiliers and rainbow runners create a continuous dance in perfect unison.

Let’s move on with our journey!

We have reached the Shark Seas. Showcasing the majestic predators of the marine realm, Shark Seas is one awe-inspiring habitat that you will remember forever. Be transported right into an exciting world of various shark species. There are many that you will see for the very first time together with endangered species such as the scalloped hammerhead shark, the powerful and aggressive silvertip shark, and the sandbar shark – one of the largest coastal sharks in the world. Marvel at the strength and grace of these remarkable creatures that have inhabited the earth for over 420 million years!

We have finally completed the tunnel walk! After leaving the aquarium, we took some final photos and have decided to go back to USS for another round of fun!

To read more about SEA Aqurirum, please visit their official website below.



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