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[Sentosa Adventure Part One] Sentosa, here we come!

17 Jun 2013
Hello everyone, this is Mashiro and nice meeting everyone for the first time. Yeah, we’re going on an outing today!!!!! Mummy says we’re going to Sentosa, but she kept it a secret of which part of Sentosa.

Mummy & I will be going via the Sentosa Broadway to meet Aunt Fiona & Yuki.

Sentosa is one of the main places of interest in Singapore. And the latest famous new places in these recent years will be the Universal Studio Singapore and the S.E.A. Aquarium.



To get to to Sentosa, one can choose to go by driving in, by walking and also by taking public transport, such as the Cable Car, Sentosa Express Monorail or public buses as well. Entrance fees will vary via different ways. We decided to go in via the boardwalk, not only it is a cheaper way to enter Sentosa, we can also enjoy the scenery along the way while walking.


Some information on the Broadway:
Sentosa Broadway is a leisurely stroll from VivoCity Shopping Mall’s waterfront promenade, made easy by two-way canopy-covered travellators. Guests are encouraged to leave their cars behind on mainland Singapore and take the MRT to HarbourFront station at VivoCity Shopping Mall, before making your way to the Sentosa Boardwalk.

The latest additional mode of access into Sentosa, the Sentosa Boardwalk is set to excite with a new dimension of the Sentosa Experience, while enhancing the seamless accessibility and connectivity between the island and the mainland.

The iconic gateway is also the first garden-themed boardwalk in Southeast Asia to feature tropical landscapes, which are indigenous to Singapore. In addition to enjoying the lush greenery, witness a panoramic view of the bay as you travel on foot in the comfort of canopy-covered travellators before arriving at the Sentosa Visitor Centre.

聖陶沙 Broadway  是鏈接怡丰城和聖陶沙的有蓋步行橋。整個行走道大概長600米左右。在走到的兩端附有多種亞洲熱帶植物,旅客可以慢慢自行行走,又或者乘搭電動扶梯慢慢欣賞沿路風景和植物。在broadway上,也有餐廳,可讓游客在用餐之際,看到不同的日與夜的風景。

Mummy & I alight at the HarbourFront MRT Station and make our way to the VivoCity Shopping Mall’s waterfront promenade. While making your way to the waterfront promenade, you will pass by the Keppel Harbour. You can see a short write-up display on the history of the Keppel Harbour. At HarbourFront area, this is also the place where one can board the boats to nearby islands such as Batam for a short getaway and holiday break.

Click here to read more information on Keppel Harbour.

Along the way, you will also see part of the Port of Singapore Authority. PSA Marine Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of PSA International, provides marine services to the maritime and shipping community. They include pilotage, port and terminal towage, ocean transportation, support vessels for the offshore oil & gas industry, heavy-lift, oil spill response and salvage services.

Click here to read more about PSA.

我和媽咪乘搭地鐵到港灣站(HarbourFront Station)之後,慢慢步行到我們的目的地。在到達聖陶沙Broadway之前,我們會經過吉寶港口(Keppel Harbour)。附近,我們也能看到纜車,還有PSA。PSA新加坡港是世界上最大的貨櫃轉口港中心,處理了大約世界五分之一的貨櫃轉運吞吐量,以及全球6%的貨櫃吞吐量。新加坡港總共有200條航線連結世界123國家地區超過600座港口


Here are some of the photos that we have taken along Keppel Harbour.

One of the big flower display beside Keppel Harbour. Is nice and unique isn’t it?

A short write-up by the National Heritage Board about Keppel Harbour.

The boarding and alighting area for those taking transport to Batam & Bintan island.

This is the Cable Car service to & fro Sentosa & mainland Singapore. Weather was a bit hazy recently in Singapore due to the burning of forests from our neighboring counties. And due to the haze, the views might not be as nice we compared during good weathers.

Cable Cars

Port of Singapore Authority

And here we are! We’ve have reached the Sentosa Broadway. This is the start of the walkway. And now, let’s go!


Sentosa Broadway

Photo taken in the midst of the walk through the greenery.

Halfway through the walkway and we sees Sentosa in front of us.

來到步行橋的正中央,大家更能清楚的看到兩邊的風景。再稍微步行多一點,就能看到進入聖陶沙的售票處。來到那裡,就代表我們距離目的地不遠啦!買票進入聖陶沙之後,首先迎來的就是名勝世界聖陶沙的大標志。如果再稍微步行到標志的下方,就能看到一個很漂亮的人造瀑布。而你也可看到聖陶沙的旅客中心。這裡有所有關於聖陶沙所有景點的資料,方便旅客安排個人行程和想參觀的各個景點。 不過等下我們將走另外一個小路到達我們的目的地。

HarbourFront Center on our right hand side. See the big building in the photo? That is Mummy’s current work place.

Walk further down and you will reach the Sentosa Ticketing area. This means you are really not far from Sentosa!

Sentosa Ticketing Booth

Resort World Sentosa

Yes! We have reached Sentosa! Walk towards the big logo Resort World Sentosa and you will see a nice waterfall. Walk slightly further down and you will reach the Sentosa Visitor Center.

Sentosa Visitor Centre

But we will not be going along the route, as we will walk to the other side to get to our destination. So let’s continue our journey the other way.

Along the walkway to our destination, we saw some cute & colorful status.

So where’s our destination then? Stay tune to our next blog post!


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