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[HKDP8 Afterevent] Its all about ‘Sharing’

HongKong Dollism Plus 8(HKDP8) has came to an end,we have just came back from HongKong last evening.
Yuki and Haruka being this year’s “representatives” to attend the event on all my girls’ behalf brought the loots back to share with the rest of their sisters whom could not make it to that event.
(Sorry about the messy background)

The girls gathered on the bed to distribute the loots from this year’s HKDP8…

Yuki : Hey all,these are all the items that mummy bought from last weekend’s HKDP8.
Haruka : Yeah,there are outfits for different chest sizes as well as wigs and small accessories.

Yuki : Except for the dark purple outfit that we received on the second day as the doll gift and the white dress which could only fit MDD,the rest of the items are for the five of us to share. However some of the outfits could only fit certain chest sizes,we would have to try them on to see which are suitable.
Mariko : Wow,there are so many nice clothes,i hope i could fit into most of them.
Yuki : Not to worry,mummy already make sure that the outfits sizes ranges from M chest to DY chest,we would definitely have enough outfits to share around.

Neris : Those blond wigs are beautiful,especially the one with the black bow.
Yuki : Mummy got that specially for Saber Alter,how about this,do you like this one? We could share this one or the one i am currently wearing.

*Yuki holding on to one of the wig box.

Neris : How about that beige top with white maxi skirt?
Yuki : Oops,i am afraid that might only fit M chest,i could only share that with Hana and Saber Alter. You could share the light purple gown and this ivory white lace dress that you are holding with Mariko.

Mariko : This light purple gown is beautiful! I like this wig too…

Saber Alter : Finally got my favorite “Saberlily wig”. I love the other blond wig from crobidoll as well.

Hana : Hana like this blue dress with cardigan….i did not managed to find as many stuffs as the both of you during last year’s HKDP7.
Neris : Alright sisters,its almost 10.00pm now,clear off the “mess” from the bed before mummy sees it. We shall try on these outfits and wigs another day.

Will be back with more pictures of the girls in their new outfits and wigs as well as the reports from HKDP8 Day 1 and 2.

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