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[HKDP8] Setting back to Singapore

All good things come to an end. Its time to pack up and return to Singapore soon. All of us sure had fun shopping, eating and attending HKDP8. Let share some photos of the nice food that we had for the past few days.

Smoked Salmon Salad.

Milkshake Drinks

Teriyaki Chicken Spaghettis

Ebi Tempura Curry Don

Sushi, our all time’s favorite!

Tutti Melon, also one of our favorite and a must try if possible.

Saw some pretty decos for some events at The One and we took some pics.

Condiments for our individual steamboat sauce.

Fish Sashimi, yummy!

Ingredients for our steamnboat.

Steaming hot soup base! Can you see the steam?

Big fat oysters, do you like it?

Claypot chicken. The smell is very pungent but it smells nice!

The first time I see a product using Blythe as a commercial artist. This is so interesting so I must capture it!

We were taking some final photo shoots in the hotel room before bidding goodbye to Hong Kong this time round. The weather was not good on that day as there was a heavy rain, and so we didn’t manage to take much pictures in the hotel room.

Opps, we see someone doing something dangerous……

Is Haruka. She can’t bear to leave Hong Kong as well……

Before we says goodbye, let’s take a pic of the hotel room as a remembrance…..

We are now at the Hong Kong International Airport, our flight was a little bit delayed but well is really time to say goodbye for now. And till we meet next year for HKDP9 again! Bye everyone!

Sandwiches for our dinner on the plane on our journey back to Singapore. ^_^

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