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Upcoming plans for our handmade gowns

Before we start,lets do a short introduction about our four beautiful models.

Starting with Saber Alter,my 4th girl and my youngest girl Yuki Morikawa,the 6th girl in my doll family.
As for Michelle’s side,she brought her 7th girl,also Yuki Morikawa and her newest girl Sakuya who just joined her family a day before the photo shoot.

The wedding gowns that they wore in the following pictures are our main topic of this post.

她們是我家的四妹Saber Alter,六妹Yuki Morikawa以及Michelle家的七妹Yuki Morikawa和最小的八妹Sakuya。

Our main topic of this post is regarding the upcoming sales of our handmade outfits.

After several discussions,we have decided that the upcoming outfits would be rather grand and glamourous style and would be grouped under a few categories. Besides DD/SD 1/3 size,we would be also making MDD/MSD 1/4 size,1/6 size for Blythe or Pullip dolls as well as for other smaller sizes dolls like Middie Blythe and Sylvanian Families figurines.

All the outfits would be “OOAK”(One of a kind),every outfit would have its unique design. However at times if the buyer wish to have an outfit that is similar to our past creations,we would replace different laces and accessories to make sure the outfits would not be totally similar.

所有的娃衣都會是“One of a Kind”(OOAK),每個款式只會有一件,不會重複製作一模一樣的。如果在某些情況下,買家要求製作同款娃衣,我們將會改用不同的蕾絲與飾品。

For the time being,we would divide the outfits into four categories.
- BLY Collection
Daily wear outfits with simple hair accessories
- Elegant Collection
Our Basic bridal gowns and formal outfits collection. The gowns and outfits would be in simpler design comparing to our Glamour and Luxurious collections. Buyers could “mix & match” the veil or hair accessories,the accessories(necklace and bracelet) and the gloves according to their liking from our Elegant Collection.
- Glamour Collection
Our Exclusive bridal gowns collection. The gowns would come with matching accessories,veil/hair piece,gloves,petticoats or even under garments depending on the designs.
- Luxurious Collection
Our highest end collection. Long train wedding gowns with long veils,skirts have much bigger arc supported by wired petticoats.(However much more time,effort and materials would be required,this range would not be released as often as the other collections)

We like to show you some example of our 1/3 DD/SD size Luxurious Collection and Elegant Collection wedding gowns.
以下幾套三分 DD/SD尺寸婚紗就是我們華麗系列優雅系列展示。

Luxurious Collection | 華麗系列

Elegant Collection | 優雅系列

We do not have examples for the other two collections for the time being,would update them here once they are ready.

We would be adding more pictures of the outfits taken from different angles into our “BLY Couture Collection” page soon.
The introduction will end here,we would update everyone again once we confirmed more details about the sale.

Feel free to drop us some comments or suggestions about the outfits that you would like to see in our store in future.
Thank you so much.

我們過陣子會再補上另一組較清晰及不同角度的照片到“BLY Couture Collection”的頁面內。暫時介紹到這裡,還有許多細節未確定,稍後會再發表網誌確定。


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