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Tag: Dollfie Dream

HongKong Trip : 16/05/12 – 19/05/12 [Part Two] Neris x 2?

Third day,18 May 2012,12.13am….

Hmm…what are the girls doing during midnight? Why are they not sleeping?

They are busy playing with their new “toys” on the bed.
(sorry about the messy bed)

** As we have a pair of twins here,hope the following contents do not confused anyone.

Thus let me make a simple introduction about the three girls before we start.

Starting from the left of the screen, its Michelle’s Neris. The other DD Neris in the middle of the picture is my girl,while the Yukino on the right is Michelle’s Yukino.

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HongKong Trip : 16/05/12 – 19/05/12 [Part One] Neris first outing?

16th May 2012,5.00am in the morning……
We headed to the airport to catch the 7.20am flight to HongKong.
Despite its a rainy day,we could still see the sunrise as the plane took off.

Neris came out of the bag after the plane took off.
Here she is….
enjoying the beautiful sunrise.

Its Neris’s first outing and first time on an airplane with us. She is looking out the window,enjoying the beautiful sun rise.

Wait a minute…..Neris? Who’s Neris?
Its kind of complicated though…. Neris’s head belongs to Michelle,while the body belongs to me….

This lovely lady……well,actually her head belongs to my friend Michelle,i only owned her body. Complicated,isn’t it? LOL

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