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HongKong Trip : 16/05/12 – 19/05/12 [Part One] Neris first outing?

16th May 2012,5.00am in the morning……
We headed to the airport to catch the 7.20am flight to HongKong.
Despite its a rainy day,we could still see the sunrise as the plane took off.

Neris came out of the bag after the plane took off.
Here she is….
enjoying the beautiful sunrise.

Its Neris’s first outing and first time on an airplane with us. She is looking out the window,enjoying the beautiful sun rise.

Wait a minute…..Neris? Who’s Neris?
Its kind of complicated though…. Neris’s head belongs to Michelle,while the body belongs to me….

This lovely lady……well,actually her head belongs to my friend Michelle,i only owned her body. Complicated,isn’t it? LOL

Alright….back to the beautiful sunrise.
It was raining quite heavily when our plane took off,thus the clouds were slightly grayish…

Its a rainy day,thus the clouds were still quite grey.

This picture looks much better when we were slightly away from Singapore.

These clouds look a little like cotton candies or cotton wools….

Back to our curious little girl,she is still looking out the window,admiring the beautiful clouds.

Neris is still busy “admiring” the beautiful sky.

However….as the sun rises….

Neris : Oh my,this is too bright,could someone please help me pull down the window shades?

Oops…looks like the sun is out…could someone please close the window shades?

Window Shades down….
At this time,Michelle’s Yukino came out of her carrier bag as well.

Girls….say “Hi” to the camera and smile….

Yukino came out of her carrier bag as well….

The girls have to go back into the bags before the flight attendants started serving us breakfast.

Menu for that morning is….either chicken congee or omelette,so i took the chicken congee since i already had scrambled eggs at the airport. However the congee seems to taste like “white porridge”,its very bland…..LOL….i ate a piece of cake that we bought earlier instead.

Arrival in HongKong…..
Its a rainy day in HongKong as well.

Check in to the hotel

Its too early to check in to the hotel,they said the room would only be ready after 3.00pm. Thus we have no choice but to leave our luggages with their concierge (except my DD girls) and went to Langham Place for lunch. We had to do our shopping in the mall since it was raining outside and we left our umbrella in our luggage bag. We did not managed to buy much things at the mall,only some cosmetics.

We went back to the hotel to get our room key at 2.45pm,luckily the room was ready since its not 3.00pm yet. Our room is on the 21st floor,the very last room at the long corridor. I was expecting to get a room at a higher floor since we were always given rooms on the 29th or 30th floor.

We had a long stretch of windows in our room,being on the 21st floor,the view outside is not too bad.
We could see part of the “sea view” half-blocked by some residential buildings in front.

Its a rainy day in HongKong,thus the sky is full of dark clouds.

The girls were hoping that the rain would stop soon,so that we could all go out shopping.

The girls found a good spot at the window.
Its their first time in HongKong thus they were extremely curious.

Neris and Yukino looking at those tall buildings opposite the hotel.

We took some pictures of our hotel room since it was still drizzling outside.

Look what have the girls found……a little bed just a right size for them?

Look what have the girls found….their bed?

Yes,that is the bed for “babies” like them,the baby crib. However we did not request for one,perhaps it was left there by the previous guests.

Oops,what are the girls doing in the baby crib? And why do we have one in our room when we have no babies?

Yukino : Are we sleeping in here tonight? How can we get out? The wooden rails are so high.
Neris : I don’t like this. I am not a baby….

We got the house keeper to remove the crib so that the room would be more spacious.
At that time, Neris had already comfortably sat on the big king size bed.

Neris prefers this huge king size bed.

Here’s a few more pics we took in the room….its a studio room with a mini kitchen.

The work desk and the TV.

The mini kitchen

We found this little corner for our girls to rest while we were out shopping.

After spending about 30 minutes taking pictures and unpacking our stuffs in the room,its time we should get going.
We left the two girls in the room,then went over to Dollfie World to collect my actual Neris’s head.

We stopped by at a japanese sushi restaurant for some food,then we proceed to some pet shops near by to buy pet food.(Pet food is cheaper in HK comparing to SG). My mum then took a taxi back to the hotel because we bought four big bags of pet food while we proceed to Dollfie World.

Finally i got my own Neris’s head.
Would also like to thank Dollfie World for helping me to change Neris’s eyes.
I also bought a white skirt for my girl at their shop.

Then we proceed over to the Ginza mall opposite to shop for more doll stuffs. We did not managed to find much things but Michelle managed to order a DDdy body at one of the toy shop,would drop by two days later to collect it.

It started to rain again when we were leaving Ginza,thus we have decided to buy some finger food back to the hotel to eat since my mum is going out for dinner with her friends.

However when we were back in the hotel room,my mum and her friend were in the room. In the end,we went out for dinner together. We went to the same old favorite steam-boat place. The seafood were extremely fresh and cheaper than many places. These are some seafood and meat we ordered for our steam-boat except for the salmon sashimi which is suppose to be eaten raw.

Salmon sashimi,fresh oysters and live prawns.

Its was already past 10 after our dinner thus we did not take anymore pictures.

Second day,17th May 2012

We started off with dim-sum brunch in a chinese restaurant at Langham Place.

Mango desserts we had at the dim sum restaurant.

Did not take much pictures our those dim-sum. This is the only pic i took…..our mango desserts.

Managed to take more pictures during tea time. We had sushi again,this time at another sushi restaurant at Langham Place. This restaurant is owned by a popular male artiste. The food is much better than the one we had the previous day.

Back to the hotel room again….

Wondering who is this new girl in the rabbit hoodie and sheep fuzzy slippers?

Guess who is this girl in the white rabbit hoodie?

We shall reveal this “secret” in [Part Two]

Due to our “heavy” high tea at the sushi restaurant,we had late dinner.
Every cafes and restaurants were extremely crowded and we could not seem to find any seats without queuing for a long time. We ended up having baked rice and pasta. This is a picture of the baked rice i have ordered.

This is a long summary of the first two days of our HK trip…..[Part Two] coming up soon

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