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New “toy” on the way…

Collecting dolls is an extremely addictive and expensive hobby….especially Dollfie Dream.

Before having my very first DD girl,I thought one should be sufficient. However after i adopted Mia (DD Yukino), i thought perhaps i should have one more since Mia seems so lonely being alone among all my Blythe dolls. After 8 months, finally i adopted my second girl, a DD Neris….before getting her,i was sourcing for Volks pre-painted limited edition DDH-06 head, but was unable to find one at a low price.

In the end,here she comes….

Picture quoted from the seller's auction post in Yahoo Japan where i purchased the head.

I intended to give up after i got Neris, however i came across an auction entry in Yahoo Japan about 10 days ago. Among all entries of DDH-06 pre-painted head sale entries, this is the lowest,and till the last 8 hours,nobody actually placed any bids. I decided to try my luck since i could get a full refund from my Japan auction agent if i did not win that auction.

Unsure about the size of DDH-06 head, i searched through the images in the internet for comparisons. I was hoping that DDH-06 head would be slightly bigger DDH-03 head because Yukino’s head seems quite small after comparing to Neris’s. I could not find the answer though. I should be able to make my own comparison soon since the Japan auction agent is sending the item to me this week. Hope to be able to receive next week.

Official pictures from Volks. I was attracted by her pleasant smile for seeing these pictures.

Meantime, I still have yet to buy a pair of new eyes for her. Wondering which color should i go for?  Blue or Apricot or other colors?

As for body, perhaps she could only share with Mia for the time being since i am always paranoid about spoiling her eye-lashes while bringing her out for photo shoot.

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