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[HKDP8] Blythe @ HongKong Dollism Plus 8

Comparing to last year’s HongKong Dollism Plus 7,glad to see there are a lot more booths featuring and selling Blythe stuffs at this year’s HongKong Dollism Plus 8. However,assuming there would not be much Blythe stuffs,i only brought my 1/3 size and 1/4 size girls with me, leaving all my Blythe babies at home….oops…..
These are the pictures that we have taken during the two days,please click on the thumbnails if you would like to view a larger version of the pictures.

與去年的HongKong Dollism Plus 7比較,今年多了很多小布的蹤影,有比較多攤位售賣小布的娃衣與飾品。以為不會看到太多的小布,今年我就只是帶了三分與四分娃隨行,並沒有帶同我家的小布寶貝一起去。
以下是兩日結合的HongKong Dollism Plus 8“小布篇”。。。。(為了縮短頁面的長度,大部份的照片都縮成小圖。。。請按小圖放大照片)

13 July 2013 – Day 1

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[HKDP8] SD Dolls @ HongKong Dollism Plus 8

Hi everyone, here we are again to show you more about HKDP this year. This post will feature all the SD dolls that has made their appearance at HKDP this year. So lets go and see if there is any that catches your eye!


* Click on the thumbnail to view larger resolution.
* 大家可點擊圖片觀賞更大的像素的照片。

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[HKDP8] Dollfie Dream @ HongKong Dollism Plus 8 – Day 1

I am Little Haruka,this is my first time attending an overseas doll event with my mummy and my sister Yuki…..also not forgetting Aunty Michelle and her girl….also Yuki whom is my “god-sister”.

Due to the large amount of pictures,i would be covering only Dollfie Dream and a mixture of some other Anime related dolls in this post. Blythe,SD dolls and other BJD dolls would be covered in another two different posts. As not all photographs turn out well,i might have missed out some Dollfie Dream girls,so sorry about that.
大家好,我是香香(天海春香)。這是我首次跟隨著我麻麻和由綺姐姐一同到香港旅行及出席一年一次的大型娃展“HongKong Dollism Plus 8”。隨行的還有Michelle阿姨和她家的由綺(我的乾姐姐)。

由於這次娃展的照片很多,這篇網誌只是包含了Dollfie Dream部份的照片,小布,SD娃及其他BJD娃的照片將會分別post在另外兩篇不同的網誌。非常抱歉,由於將一些效果不佳的照片抽出,可能會漏掉一些娃。

Event : HongKong Dollism Plus 8 (Day 1)
Date: 13 July 2013
Time: 11:30am-6:00pm
Aveue: 3rd Floor, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre | 九龍灣國際展貿中心三樓

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[HKDP8] Setting off to Hong Kong

12 Jul – Hong Kong here we come!

Hi everyone, this is Yuki, the reporter for HKDP this year. Yeah, we’re going to set off today to Hong Kong today. Mummy and me will be meeting Aunty Fiona at that airport. Together with Fiona Auntie will be Yuki and Haruka. Are you looking forward to the trip like us? Come on and follow us!


7月12日 – 出發到香港啦!


At the Airport  / 在機場

The girls are busy taking photographs at the KOI pond located at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3.

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[HKDP8 Afterevent] Its all about ‘Sharing’

HongKong Dollism Plus 8(HKDP8) has came to an end,we have just came back from HongKong last evening.
Yuki and Haruka being this year’s “representatives” to attend the event on all my girls’ behalf brought the loots back to share with the rest of their sisters whom could not make it to that event.
(Sorry about the messy background)

The girls gathered on the bed to distribute the loots from this year’s HKDP8…

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HongKong Trip : 07/07/12 Dollism Plus 7 (Day 1) DD篇

Its our first time attending Dollism Plus in HongKong,second time attending Doll Show. The previous time was Doll Fete at Bangkok in March. This following report would be done mainly in chinese and would be about Dollfie Dream only (for pictures of Blythe and other BJD dolls,please proceed to the other post),sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Participating Dollfie Dream : My Volks limited DDH-06 named Hana and Michelle’s Saber(Fate/EXTRA Version)
Special Thanks To : Alvin(DD owner of Yu Chann and Moe-chan),Sin Cheung from 花偶堂(DD owner of 月桂 and 小壽),as well as DD owners of those pics below.

Hana and Saber having a conversation with Yu Chann and Moe about this year’s DP7.

Let’s get started…..開始到處去直擊所有的DD美妹咯…..

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