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[Tutorial] How to change DDII body bust and neck joint

The girls were chit chatting on a hot & sunny afternoon and they decided to persuade Yukino to do a bust size upgrade.

Yukino was still wondering if she should but after the girls and Mummy have ensured that it will be a safe “operation”, she has finally agreed.

Yukino: “Mummy, I’m scared. Are you sure it is alright?”
Mummy:” Yes Yukino, Don’t worry, it will be fine.Mummy will be here with you. “

I’ve just brought the Coolcat neck joint and a DD L Shapely bust 1 week before. After receiving the items, I’ve decided to do the changing over the last weekend.

[Tutorial] How to change a DD bust:

1) First we will need to detach the DD head from the neck. After removing the wig from the DD head, press firmly on the neck and twist the DD head out from the neck joint. Do it in a circular motion slowly so as not to spoilt the spring and also the neck joint parts.

2) We will now need to detach the arms from the body. Make sure the hands are horizontally lifted up, which forms a T shape, before you pulled them out. Move the arms in a slow and steady so as not to break the arms. Remember to hold firmly onto the body so that you can move and pulled out the arms. You can do either step 2 or step 1 first, as there is no fixed steps at this point of time.

3) Now hold the waist of the doll and move the upper bust area. It might not be easy to move and it might take some effort. You can move it in a left right direction so that the bust can come be moved out. If you find it difficult to shift, you may use a hair dryer, using low heat to warm the bust part so that it will expand a little and it will be easier to remove the bust out from the body frame. But do take note that by warming up the bust, it will be quite hot and it will be more advisable to use a towel to hold and move the bust so that you do not scald your hands.

4) After the bust comes up a little. you will be able to see part of the body inner parts. Continue to move the bust in a left right direction until the bust part comes out completely. While moving, make sure you also take note on the top neck part so that you do not break the neck joint.

5) Once the bust comes out of the frame, you are now halfway done. This is what it will looks like.

6) Now put the new bust onto the body frame and push it back slowly. As the frame is a bit flat and wide in shape, you will need to push it back slowly and steadily. You might need to pull a little at the left and right side so that the bust can fit onto the frame before you can push it back. Do take note on the neck joint while pushing.

7) And there! You are done with the bust changing.

[Tutorial] How to change a DD neck joint:

1) Repeat step 1 to 5 of the above. You will need to unscrew the 2 screws found on the left & right side of the frame so that you can change the neck joint. Do take note that there is a nut at the back of each screw and make sure you hold the frame firmly so that the nuts at the back will not drop out. But if you accidentally comes off, you can just put it back after changing the neck joint when screwing back the 2 screws.

2) Once the screw is taken out, hold the center part of the joint firmly, twist with a little force and the ball joint neck part will come out. But make sure you do not brake the frame or the neck joint.

3) Take the new neck joint and push it back slowly to the previous joint location. When pushing in, do not exert too much force as the frame might broke. Remember to hold the center part of the joint so that it will be more stable.

4) Once done, screw back the left and right screws and make sure the nuts at the back is also attached back.

5) Repeat step 6 & 7 of the bust changing steps and you are now done with the changing of the neck joint. ^_^

PS: Special thanks to Fiona for helping me to pose in the photos.

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