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Merry Christmas

Hello everyone, I’m Neris here. Hope everyone has enjoy your christmas holidays. Hana and me and our mummies went for christmas hi tea during the Saturday at Regent Hotel. We had a happy day cos everyone was showering their attention on us. Heee….

We went around taking lots of pictures. The food was nice and as it was near christmas, they had some christmas dishes and decorations. Lets take a look and see what they have.

Colorful macaroons. Does it brightens up your day? There are also apple crumble tarts and Chocolate Logcake as well.

Fruit cakes and Eclairs.

Fresh fruits, Biscuits, Panna Cotta and other desserts.

And now, here comes the big highlight! Look at the Huge Gingerbread House! We were so amazed by it that Hana and me keep going round that area to take pictures with it.

Don’t underestimate this giant gingerbread house. The whole sculpture was make up of almost 5000 pcs of macaroons and biscuits, 500 eggs, 100kg of flour, honey and sugar to make the whole thing. It took the chefs 2 weeks to complete and it is fully 100% handmade.

Hum, wonder can I eat them? hahaha

Look at these…..

The chefs are so amazing and skillful……

After eating, we went around the hotel taking pictures with the hotel’s christmas decorations.

Hana’s self portrait.

With Regent’s Christmas Tree

We took this photo in the lift, while the lift is moving. heee

Bascilico Restaurant. This is also another restaurant that we like to visit for buffet lunch once in a while.

After our hi tea buffet, we made our way to orchard area for a quick last minute shopping. And we managed to take some pictures at CK tangs decorations before making our way home.

See this? I have almost the same furry scarf as the one in the display window!

Last but not least, we will like to wish every one a happy merry christmas and may all be bless with good health. ^_^

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