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10 Nov 2012 – AFASG 2012 (Day 1)

This post would be mainly about Dollfie Dream and some other dolls at Fujiwara Yukino booth during the first day of the event since this blog is all about dolls stories. There would also be some pictures of Dollfie Dream Mirai at Danny Choo’s Culture Japan booth. I would not be writing much in this. Short captions are added to some of the pictures to introduce some friends’ lovely dolls.

這篇網誌的重點將放在Fujiwara Yukino展示攤位的Dollfie Dream與其他娃娃上,當中也會出現幾張Danny Choo的Culture Japan攤位的娃娃圖片。由於網誌內有大量的圖片,我們將減少文字內容,改用圖片底下的簡介,所有的簡介會以英文輸入。

There are 75 pictures with big file size in this page,it would take more time to load.

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  • I tried to take a full view of the three long table…however i still missed out part of it.

    Yu Chann sitting at the top of the stage frame at Fujiwara Yukino Booth @ AFA Singapore 2012

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    My girls & friends at AFASG 2012

    Oops,these reports and pictures were supposed to be completed last week however i was having a flu since AFASG ended. Hope to be able to complete at least three reports before end of this week.

    I just put up the post about Preparations for AFASG last night.
    As for this post,it would be mainly about of my girls and friends. We will be sharing the pictures that they took with some of their friends during the two days event.

    Reports and pictures of AFASG Day 1 and Day 2 would be done in another two separate post….and would be up soon.

    Let’s get started…..Introducing our main character….

    She is Yu Chann,the main character of Fujiwara Yukino booth.

    Our little mischievous Yu Chann climbed her way up to the top of the stage frame.

    AFASG Day 1 @ Singapore Expo Hall 7

    Here are our girls and their outfits on the first day of the event.

    (sitting down from screen left) Michelle’s Akira, My Mariko
    (standing front row,from screen left)Michelle’s Neris, My Neris, My Hana
    (standing back row,from screen left)Michelle’s Saber Fate Extra, My Saber Alter, Michelle’s Yukino

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    [02/10/12] Arrival of my 4th daughter, Akira

    When mummy comes home from work today, the 3 girls were holding a big box from DHL which arrived this afternoon. The girls has been wondering what is in the box and has been talking about it since afternoon. Finally when Mummy comes home, they are all ready to help Mummy with the unpacking……

    Mummy, Mummy! U got a parcel today!!!! See.

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    [30/09/12] Mid-Autumn Festival Mini Doll Meet

    Had a mini doll meet with Michelle’s girls to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival,which also known as the Mooncake Festival.

    The other purpose for this doll meet is to do some “minor operations” for the girls. However in this post,we would only concentrate on the Doll Meet portion,the minor operations would be moved to another individual post.

    Back to the Doll Meet….

    First time meeting each other,both Saber girls took some close-up shots at the balcony.

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    [22/09/12] New wedding gown for my girls.

    It was a sunny day today and I’ve decided to let my girls wear their wedding gowns and take some pictures of them with the help of the bright sunlight.

    First to be featured is my Saber. She is wearing the wedding gown launched by Volks recently. This gown also comes in light blue color. However I still preferred the pure white color set.

    May I ask you where is my ring? LOL….

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    [16/09/12] Surprise Delivery

    The 2 girls were chatting in the living room on a bright sunday afternoon when they heard someone pressing the door bell.

    **Ding Dong. Ding Dong**

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