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Category: Doll Stories

Dong Zhi Festival

21 Dec 2012, some rumor that it is the end of the world this day. But this day also happens to be the Dongzhi Festival (冬至) in the chinese calendar.

Saber finally gets to sit down and enjoy her glutinuous rice balls, when she heard someone calling her.

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Mariko and Akira’s first Christmas

We will like to introduce our two “reporters” for today’s post.
Akira (following picture -left) and Mariko (following picture – right),they would be taking over the writing of this blog post from now….

Our First Christmas

It is our very first Christmas in Singapore with our DD family,thus it is extremely special for the both of us. However we do not have the beautiful Christmas tree and decorations display at home for this year,so we decided to go down town for some photo shoot.

Mummy brought us to Orchard Road for Christmas shopping last weekend,so we brought our camera along to take some pictures.

It was a rainy day so all the pictures were taken indoor…..Sadly,the pictures of us with those huge Christmas trees did not turn out good,but one of the view of the tree does turn out pretty well. This large Christmas tree is four-storey tall. This shopping mall(Ngee Ann City) would put up this huge tree with different decorations and lightings at the same spot yearly during December. We were at the second storey of the mall when this picture was taken.

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[10/10/12] Hi Tea Session

The girls were enjoying their afternoon hi tea session, with freshly baked assorted breads and a cup of hot tea, coffee & chocolate drink. The breads just looks so nice and tasty, isn’t it? Akira was not able to join the other 3 girls as she has went out for sun tanning. lol.

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[Tutorial] How to change DDII body bust and neck joint

The girls were chit chatting on a hot & sunny afternoon and they decided to persuade Yukino to do a bust size upgrade.

Yukino was still wondering if she should but after the girls and Mummy have ensured that it will be a safe “operation”, she has finally agreed.

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[02/10/12] Arrival of my 4th daughter, Akira

When mummy comes home from work today, the 3 girls were holding a big box from DHL which arrived this afternoon. The girls has been wondering what is in the box and has been talking about it since afternoon. Finally when Mummy comes home, they are all ready to help Mummy with the unpacking……

Mummy, Mummy! U got a parcel today!!!! See.

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[28/09/12] The arrival of another parcel

Its a sunny afternoon today.
The girls were playing in the bedroom when the delivery man came to deliver a parcel containing some items from Volks.
I signed for the parcel and left it on the day bed and went to the kitchen to prepare some food….

The girls came out from the bedroom and saw the big parcel lying on the day bed…

Neris : Hmm….a parcel just arrived again??
Hana : This is quite a big box,i wondered if it contains those stuffs that we bought from online recently?
Saber : Hana,can’t you see that invoice issued on the parcel?? Its from Volks!

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